Collection: EGYPT SUN RA | Spring '23 Collection

The Sun Ra beams down on the Nile, glittering like gemstones. The scenery is a collage of blue, green and endless sandy brown, complemented by the colour of powder white linen and russet umber of her wears. Warm breeze kisses her skins and gently sways rows of date palm trees and lines of papyrus, making them dance to the unheard rhythm, ushering her soul forward to the journey ahead.

Alas, the felucca finally arrives at the shore. In front of her is a colossal structure made of sandstone, sparkling against the Desert Sun. The light reclines on the engraved arts from millenniums ago, making them glittering like made purely from gold dust. Ever-soaring columns richly etched with hieroglyphics, rows upon rows of them, invite her in.

Inside the sempiternal monument, she discovers marvellous wonders. The paintings from ancient time coloured in opulence and magnificence, they are full of life. At the heart, the ceiling opens to the elysian sky; a vault of heaven, of gods and goddesses, of magic and grandeur, of eternity and divinity.